Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Because he loved words

"I want to highlight the creativity within the brain of a cripple and, while not attempting to hide his crippledom, I want instead to filter all sob-storied sentiment from his portrait and dwell upon his life, his laughter, his vision and his nervous normality."
Christopher Nolan, Irish poet and writer 1965-2009

43 year old Christopher Nolan, who had cerebral palsy, died on Saturday after choking on a piece of food on Friday at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin. He was the winner of the Whitbread Award in 1988 for his autobiography "Under the Eye of the Clock: The Life Story of Christopher Nolan", which he refused to allow to be made into a movie "on the grounds that the production would be a sympathy piece, according to the Irish Independent." *

His family issued a statement that Nolan became a writer because he loved words. It was not a sentimental statement, and Christy would have loved that.

[image description: Christopher Nolan is shown in a headshot taken when he was approximately 15 years old, wearing a blue collared shirt.]

*Nolan also wrote Damburst of Dreams, The Banyan Tree and an adaptation of his writings called "Torchlight and Laser Beams" was produced in Dublin in 1988. He received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters in the UK and the medal of excellence from the United Nations Society of Writers and a Person of the Year award in Ireland in 1988.

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