Friday, December 5, 2008

Tis the season for red and green duct tape

I was hoping that the lifetime of my manual chair would be stretched out longer by using a power chair, i.e. taking into account I was using my manual chair less, but alas! my manual chair has decided to start falling apart. Literally.

I can tell when wheelchairs are going down for the last count in my house. I start with the minor repairs, then go for using duct tape when that no longer works, then add a second color of duct tape, etc. I'm keeping my sense of humor and doing a red and green Christmas theme.

No worries. I'm sure that I'll find a nice used wheelchair somewhere that has a bit of life left on it. But it's a lesson that tempus fugit with wheelchairs whether you're sitting in them or not. I guess.

In the meantime, if you hear a pop, that would be my duct tape snapping. My plan is to sing Christmas carols in synch with the sound effects. And here's a link abut making a Christmas tree ornament out of duct tape.


Bob said...

Can you use a 18 inch? One of my team members has one to sell for 600.

Wheelie Catholic said...

Bob- I'd rather have something less wide - and less expensive. Thanks though!

Greg said...

ugh equipment problems, goodluck

Wheelie Catholic said...

thanks Greg. long as the duct tape holds, I'm good to go!