Saturday, October 4, 2008

Rabies shot day

One of the reasons I use a vet for my cat who makes house calls is my disability. The other is because I've had cats like this one who freaked out at the vets.

Okay, now that's scary.

Luckily, my cat Buddy's first priority in life is to make friends with anyone he meets and the vet is no exception. As the groomer and vet worked on him (minor matting , rabies shot), he snuggled, asked to be petted, etc. until he got the shot. His eyes went wide and he made a short speech about that.

But after seeing that video, I'm not complaining....


blue girl said...

Oh!! That poor scared cat!! That was really hard to watch.

I'm glad Buddy wasn't too terrified.

Wheelie Catholic said...

BG- thanks. Buddy has got a very laid back personality - uh- literally. zzzzzzzzzzz

Rosario said...

wow... I watch the video without sound and even like that it was so creepy! I am glad my cat is always chilled out!