Saturday, May 24, 2008

Parents of children with disabilities speak out...

Javier Prato is a filmmaker in LA who has put together this short and wonderful video where parents of children with disabilities talk about their concerns and also their joys. Thanks, Javier, for your work! Love the Mother Teresa quote: Peace begins with a smile :)

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Anonymous said...

Nicely done but a bit short for really bringing the audience from here are problems to the kind of exuberance the end-music expresses.

When are parents ready for this, in your opinion? Would some other parents weigh-in on this? I just read a long blog of a mother of an infant - who loves her baby but is overwhelmed into depression. Made me want to cry (too).

I'll try to answer the question myself. I would not predict an age, pattern, or circumstance that would correlate with readiness for accepting a picture (video) of your child's potential future - here's one for individual readiness.

Thank you, Wheelie Catholic.