Monday, May 26, 2008

fighting to get out the front door

When we were kids, my grandmother lived with us. There were four of us and whenever we went anywhere, it always took coordination make it work. One of us would forget our jacket, another would be busy doing something as our name was called. And my grandmother would sit there, shaking her head, and say we're always fighting to get out the front door

This phrase takes on new meaning whenever I work toward helping someone get a ramp
so they can get out of their house. as more and more people are able to get ramps to be part of community, we will see more inclusion.

But it is that fighting to get out the front door that has to happen first. I suppose this may surprise some people who think of inclusion as a matter of having a ramp at church. Inclusion as defined by the Church includes social inclusion as well which can only happen with accessible housing-a fact I'm reminded of everyday when I leave my house, by virtue of a ramp.

(dictated Dragon NaturallySpeaking without editing )

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