Friday, December 14, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like -snowmen...

For a number of years, I struggled finding an aide. I had to settle for a few spare hours here and there from other peoples' aides, which meant that only basic things got done. Any kind of decorating for Christmas went out the window- literally. I remember throwing out my little Christmas tree and decorations when year after year nothing was put up. It seemed like a waste to keep such things around. 

One of the first things Meredith did when she became my aide was to inform me that we had to do something about the lack of Christmas  'decor'. 

"But we don't have time, there's too many other things to do," I said. I figured, like all the other aides, she was just saying this to be nice and no decorations would ever go up.

She shook her head. "Of course we have time. We'll make time.  What kind of decorations do you like?"

I shrugged. "Snowmen?" 

And snowmen it was.  Since I had no decorations, Meredith went hunting for every snowman within a thirty mile radius - and began bringing one in with her almost every time she came over that December. By the time Christmas came, my home was filled with snowmen - snowmen on my dresser, near my TV, on my door, in the halls. Even the cats had toy snowmen to play with. 

"Too much?" she asked, looking at me in the flashing  lights of a twirling, glittering snowman, not to be outdone by  the triplet snowmen who danced  in unison on Christmas Eve.

I broke into laughter.  "Nah." 

The snowman collection is certainly complete. This year Meredith came in with a felt Advent wreath complete with four felt candles that can be added each week of Advent. Guaranteed to be safe around kids, quads and one big fluffy rambunctious cat!  We put the wreath in front of a chorus of - of course - snowmen. 

 [visual description: Two snowmen are shown. One wears a black hat and the other wears a green hat with a red band and a black and white striped scarf. Both have yellow carrot shaped noses and two black buttons for eyes and running down their bellies.]

[visual description: A little boy is shown placing a pink candle on a felt advent wreath where three purple candles are already in place.]


bob said...

At our house Santa rules. I think my wife has collected every kind of Santa they make. My favorites are the Santa cookies.

Ruth said...

Bob - Yes - Christmas cookies! My favorites too. Have a great holiday.

goldchair said...

I think everyone has a major theme. I like trains and my girlfriend and I build little towns with trains running through them. She likes to do the towns while I fool around with the trains. We should all probably trade stuff to get out of our ruts.