Saturday, November 17, 2007

Disability, transition and self doubt

Wikipedia says doubt " may involve hesitating to take a relevant action due to concern that one might be mistaken or at fault. The term ' to doubt ' can also mean ' to question one's circumstances and life experience '."

Whew. That's a heavy load to deal with. And if you add self doubt to the equation, it gets even more dicey.

Nobody's exempt from self doubt. There's no special corner of earth reserved for those of us with disabilities in experiencing it.

Lately I experienced self doubt about decisions I've had to make about changes in mobility equipment . I wasn't sure what to do when faced with this transition. I felt relieved as soon as I started to gather information. (A big thank you to Ziggi over at Wheelchair Diffusion and USA Tech Guide for running sites that provide so much valuable information on mobility equipment for end users.)

Dealing with the "questioning of one's circumstances and life experiences" was a bit more difficult. I've always been helped by reaching out to others who have gone through the same experiences . As soon as I talked to others who have been there, I saw that my reaction was fairly typical and began to develop a perspective about it. I'm very fortunate that as soon as I could do this, I have supportive people around who jumped right on board with me.

So where's my self doubt now? It's gone- at least over this particular transition. I learned a lot from dealing with it. Self doubt is like the Wizard of Oz - that dreaded monster behind the curtain who never actually materializes. I found that when I pulled the curtain away, there was just a person there I had to face.

That reflection, in the end, was mine.


Anonymous said...

I went through this after my guide dog had to retire. Do I get another one was the big question. It's not easy going through changes.


betterolls said...

I can relate. I hate changing wheelchairs and equipment. The one I was using wasn't made any more and it was hard to know which one to get. I figured it out and wish I knew about those sites you mention.