Thursday, October 4, 2007

YAP: Hands free texting coming!

I hear a lot about texting these days - in commercials, on TV, in movies and especially from teens. However, texting is out for me until I can do it by voice and luckily that is about to happen. (Whew!)

YAP is a new program that will make it easier for folks who have a disability, who are driving and want to do things hands free or who just prefer a voice application. It will allow people to text messages, blog and do other things via voice. Click above to get more information.

Also if you want to be 'cool' right away, I found this site which allows you to send text messages FREE from an online screen. And my voice recognition works on this.(Although those abbreviations are not a happening thing by voice- I wonder how voice applications will change that.)

Check it out here.

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