Monday, October 22, 2007

Seeing advocacy as a tool

a new essay over at A Different Light


hotwheelz said...

Some of my friends don't understand what advocacy is or what it does either. I tell them that it's easy to think you don't need it if you have what you need but find yourself on the other side of things and it can change overnight.

Why did you pull my comment over at A Different Light? I was agreeing with you.

Ruth said...

Yeah I think that the need for advocates fades in the minds of those who have what they need - but there's a ways to go based on what I hear and see in my work.

I pulled your comment, dude , because you insulted the guy who disagreed with me. I use comment moderation when people do personal attacks, not if they disagree with my point of view (unless they attack or are hostile in the process). I appreciate what you were saying and feel free to leave another comment with less - er- pepper in it.

hotwheelz said...

Ahh ok. I just don't understand his reasoning. I've seen discussions about when people offer us help we have to accept it on other sites online but I disagree with that and what does that have to do with what you were saying?

Ruth said...

Sometimes people leave comments to make points, hotwheelz and really don't seem to be reading what the post says. I've seen this on other blogs too and certainly will continue to see it!