Sunday, October 21, 2007

Email questions: on wheelchair bling

I got this email:

"I'm new to using a wheelchair and just out of the hospital. I'm wondering how other women carry stuff around? When I push myself things fall off my lap. J.T."

J.T., thanks for stopping by! This is a great question and I'll answer it, but hope readers leave comments too because different folks do different things.

Many of my friends in manual wheelchairs use backpacks or wheelchair bags that attach to their chairs. There is a "down under" net that you can string under your chair too that holds many items. This is a great place to stow things instead of keeping them on your lap. (You can get these at and and other places by googling wheelchair accessories and bags).

The good news is that I've noticed more and more designs for wheelchair bags over the years, including really small ones now that hold things like your cell phone (and other bling).

I generally use a wheelchair bag rather than a pocketbook,mostly because the D rings are easier for me with my paralysis, but many of my para friends do carry handbags/pocketbooks.

I highly recommend the site Beauty Ability for fashion tips on wheelchair accessories. I've found that you don't need to buy "only" products made for wheelchairs. Most of the ideas I've learned from other people in chairs and each one will answer this question differently - so check out the comments left here too..


Anonymous said...

Ruth thanks for sending us the wheelchair cushion. Paul loves it and can't wait to try it out at school tomorrow. We appreciate everything you did to get us this for free. Things have been hard since my husband was laid off. God bless you.


Ruth said...

Emily -
Glad you got the cushion so fast! I can't take credit. My friend had it sitting around his garage new and unopened -it's wonderful when we can help each other out! Take good care of yourselves

Wheelchair Bling said...

I like that under-the-seat net, though it seems difficult to reach for some folks, as do the packs on the back of the chair.

Those little pocket thingies on the armrest, or a purse or totebag slung from the handle, are convenient.