Friday, October 19, 2007

Catholic charities' statement on SCHIP veto

"It is disappointing that there were not enough House members willing to
stand up for children and vote to override this ill-conceived veto of a
bill that would have helped so many children without health insurance.
Because of President Bush's veto and the 156 House members who voted to
uphold it, thousands of poor children living in every state will not
receive health insurance coverage that they would have received under
this legislation. Their actions put the health of many of our nation's
children at risk.
"The veto may have blocked this bill, but it cannot stop our commitment
to the most vulnerable in our society. Catholic Charities USA calls on
Congress and the White House to work together to find agreement on a
bill that provides this critically needed health coverage to more poor
-Rev. Larry Snyder, President Catholic Charities USA

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