Sunday, September 30, 2007

Phinally Phillies?

I'm holding my breath here.

It takes fortitude to be a Phillies fan. Patience. The willingness to endure watching them just about make something of their season for phourteen years, only to be struck down at the last moment, sent back to the clubhouse with nothing but the sound of empty popcorn containers bouncing around.

But here we are - bottom of the eighth inning. The Phillies are up 6-1 against Washington. The Mets are down 8-1 against Florida Marlins. And it looks like - yes I know we've been here before - the Phillies are going to actually make this happen.

Phans in the stands are nervously wringing their hands. Many are chanting, clapping, waving towels, screaming MVP when the players go to bat. The Phanatic is going wild. Well he always does that.

Is it real? Could it be?

Janet, Maria, Cory - are you watching? Are you listening? Can you hear that sound?

It's Phllies Pride, my phriends. I mean friends. Let's hope they phinish this off...


[visual description: The mascot of the Phllies, the Phanatic, who is a giant green bird wearing a Phillies shirt and red cap (ok I'm doing my best here) points at the camera in a "I want you" pose.}

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