Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Praying with Lior showing in San Francisco on July 22

[visual description: Lior is shown studying for ihs bar mitzvah.]

Are you in the San Francisco area?

PRAYING WITH LIOR is having its world premiere, at the prestigious San Francisco Jewish Film Festival! Our maiden screening will be at the Castro theater on July 22nd.

From the festival site:

"Ilana Trachtman's coming-of-age documentary is an engaging and deeply human portrait of young Lior Liebling, a child with Down syndrome who is as loving and joyful and playful as any boy you are likely to meet. He's a kidder, fond of fidgeting out of uncomfortable situations with a disarming smile or a whimsical joke. But more than anything Lior is filled with an unquenchable spirit of davening (prayer) and singing. His devotion saturates his world with a love that is his manna--it multiplies and nourishes everyone. With his earnest presence he has created an integral place for himself in his extraordinary family, and the fact of that relationship touches and inspires others. One of four children of Rabbi Mordechai Liebling and the late Rabbi Devora Bartnoff, Lior cajoles his way into the hearts of his siblings and his loving stepmother, Lynne Iser. We, too, are drawn closer and closer to him as he navigates his daily life towards the bar mitzvah he has long anticipated--and we get to witness firsthand how the family and spiritual community he loves so much affirms the essence of the man Lior is becoming."

Click above to get times and see a clip of this film.

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