Thursday, July 19, 2007

Demand for ranger rosaries exceeds supply

There is a tremendous burden on troops and their families right now with the surge and multiple deployments. The Army and Marines are carrying the bulk of this burden with no increase in troop numbers. As Catholics, there are ways we can provide comfort to the troops.

Chaplains are receiving more requests for ranger rosaries, combat tough rosaries suitable for servicemen and women to carry in war. Fashioned out of parachute string, these rosaries are popular for those in battle.

"The Ranger Rosary is very, very popular among our young soldiers because they look and feel so Army-like especially since they are made from the 550 cord and are subdued colors similar to the Army uniform. I know first hand how much the Ranger Rosary is loved by the American Soldiers. Once they get it in their hands, it is a powerful reminder of their Catholic faith and the love that our Lord and His Blessed Mother had for each of us no matter where harms way may take us."

Via the Ranger Rosary website

If you can help by donating or would like to learn to make ranger rosaries to send overseas, please click above.
[visual description: An unidentified U.S. soldier kneels down holding a ranger rosary, a rugged rosary made of parachute string with a cross affixed to it.]


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this information. My summer class could work on these!

Mabel said...

On behalf of my son who is stationed overseas, I thank you for remembering the Catholics over there. God bless you and I hope some people do volunteer to make some of these.