Sunday, July 8, 2007

Contest: 7 Wonders of the World - Disability related

They've declared the new seven wonders of the world and a list can be found at the CNN article above. It includes the Great Wall of China and other man-made creations.

So I've decided we should have our own 7 Wonders of the World- disability related contest. The criteria is that a nomination has to be man-made. Please leave your ideas in the comments or send an email and I'll put together a list and announce the results in a few weeks or so. Everyone can participate and feel free to leave as many nominations as you'd like. If you think of more, come back and leave those too. Also if you'd like to link and post this at your website, let me know and I'll include results left in your comments.

To get things started, I'll offer a few tips: consider artwork , assistive technology, and architecture re access. (e.g. the Lapper statue in Trafalgar Square would be a possibility). How about the detectable warning curbcut in the photo at left? Feel free to think outside the box as long as it's man-made.

In fact I'll consider nominations for potential wonders of the world you would like to see made by man for a second list if I get enough nominations.


electroDude said...

Am I first? Sweet!

1. wheelchair
2. talking books
3. ramps
4. FDR statue
6. voice recognition
7. joysticks

for future 7 wonders of the world (my wish list)

accessible sports car for wheelchair!!!!!

goldchair said...

Tough call picking 7. But here goes for my 7 wonders of the world:

1. braille
2. voice recognition
3. reacher
4. wheelchair
5. trained service animals
6. cell phones
7. elevators

bob said...

I didn't see this until you put it up again. Let's see...

1. independent living movement
3. gotta enter the reacher
4. ramps

That's it for now.

betterolls said...

1. wheelchairs
2. reacher
3. switches
4. elevators

I may be back...

Penny L. Richards said...

Inventions (I'd add disposable hygiene supplies and lift-equipped schoolbuses) are wondrous. But if it's places as destination "wonders of the world," I'll agree with the FDR statue (mostly because of its design history), and add in "Shane's Inspiration," the large accessible playground at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. There are other accessible playgrounds, but this one is huge, and public, and draws a city-full of diversity in all dimensions--to play!

what matters to me said...

This points out for me that we don't have many landmarks for disabled history but there is the FDR statue so I'll vote for that.

service dogs and wheelchairs, lifts, ramps

I'll also pick Shane's Inspiration

touch control panels