Monday, July 9, 2007

"Christians, especially evangelicals, have for too long over-simplified the problems of the world by claiming that if we just deal with personal sin, then the world will be changed automatically as a matter of course. In other words, if we can only get people to accept Jesus Christ, then automatically things will change....This aspect of the Gospels’ emphasis is of course true. When people’s hearts change, society changes. But this view is an incomplete understanding of the truth, and is simplistic because it denies the presence and nature of evil. For evil is present in the world not only in our hearts, but in structures and systems designed to oppress, degrade, abuse, and kill others. If we are not intentional about bringing change and transformation in lives and societies it will not happen. To love people is to act on behalf of them.”
-Joseph D'souza, AICC human rights activist [working on behalf of the Dalit caste in India]

[visual description: The book cover of Dalit Freedom Now and Forever is shown. A little girl is pictured on the front cover between the title and the author's name on the bottom.]
-In 2005, Dr. D’souza published his first book, Dalit Freedom Now and Forever about the history of the Dalit quest for emancipation and the response of the Indian church.

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