Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Top 10 Uses for a Power Wheelchair

10. Bigger and wider tires to squish bugs with.
9. Towing my other wheelchair.
8. Able to pet the cat while using the joystick with one hand.
7. Learn about science as you dash madly from room to room to measure the battery life.
6. Create wider and better accessible doorways in your habitat. oops
5. Having a larger surface to put decals on.
4. Improve your joystick skills for computer games
3. Brake suddenly to avoid squirrels
2. Use high speeds to surprise and astound your friends especially when they're standing in front of you
... and the number one use is......drum roll....
1. Saving energy so you can have a life


Anonymous said...

The relatives of Sister Devota, age 94 or 96 or so, saw sticker at their local motorcycle store, and brought it for her scooter. It says "Full speed until you see God. Then brake." She loves it.

Thanks for the Top 10.

Ruth said...

LOL! That's a great sticker. Thanks for the laugh :)