Friday, May 18, 2007

"Disability Cool Gone Wild"

Over at Wheelchair Dancer, she weighs in on the story of the amputee runner who is training for the Olympics but may be barred because some folks see his prosthetic legs as an advantage. Click above to read her thoughts about this issue and some interesting comments over there . She writes:

"To me, these sound like the arguments that have been used to keep other disabled athletes out. I mean, is Pistorius more likely to fall than any other runner? No, of course not. He is a pro. The distinction made here between technological aids (which would be additions to the body) and prosthetics (which are the body) seems to be off track (hee hee). And if TAB runners begin adding stuff to their shoes, it seems you could check for that as easily as you check urine and hair for drugs."

I also wrote about this earlier this week and find her post very interesting (as I always do ).
[My post on it can be found by clicking on the label "sports" ]

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