Thursday, May 10, 2007

Disability blog carnival 14 is up!

The topic is "Firsts" and The Gimp Parade is hosting it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading through this carnival which contained not only links to posts but photos of firsts as well.

I've been reading through the posts this morning and the one that struck me was by Wheelchair Dancer, who examines the many ways she has broken new ground personally, in her family and her community as a "woman of disability and colour" in her post First .

Also Kestrell lets us all know that the Journal of Literary Disability has just started (the first of its kind!) Go on over and register at for a free subscription.

Click above to go over and check the carnival out -don't miss this one!

And the next disability blog carnival is where, you ask? Submit your blog article to the next edition at Ryn Tales, where the theme is "Disability & Family." for May 24 - submissions are generally due by midnight of the Monday before the Thursday date of the carnival.

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