Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Curb cut case victory

A judge in Riverside California awarded a wheelchair user over $220,000 after he spent a decade fighting to get curb cuts fixed. After measuring, photographing, and most probably tipping over 189 of them, he rolled away with a monetary award - and a court order mandating the city to fix those curbcuts over the next four months.

"Lonberg, who was paralyzed below the waist by a drunken driver in 1983, sued the city almost 10 years ago, after years of trying to persuade officials to fix sidewalks.

In setting damages, Larson noted that Lonberg had repeatedly encountered improperly constructed ramps, including nine he tried to use at least 100 times each near his home."


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Anonymous said...

Imagine if all of us could get paid for the times we had to put up with bad curbcuts, no ramps and stuff like that. It's a good deterrent to add it up like that. Smart judge.