Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Consider how your time is spent in a world where there are...

Riots in Paris after election
riots over Paris (Hilton) that is
which gets more media coverage?
which gets more of your attention?

Here's some facts:

" Crux of the Problem: It is currently estimated that 40 percent of the French population descends from these different waves of migrations, making France the most ethnically diverse country in Europe. Nevertheless, the immigrants from other European countries have had an easier time blending in (race and religion being key), while the "non-European" groups have tended to assimilate at a slower pace.
Difficult Integration: Because of the difficulty integrating into French society, many young males of African and Arab descent work for the lowest wages and often live in ghettos where crime is rampant."

Did you know these stats?
"Religion: Roman Catholic - 83 to 88 percent; Protestant - 2 percent; Jewish - 1 percent ; Muslim - 5 to 10 percent."

Via ABC News

Click above to read more about the situation with Paris - France.

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