Friday, May 11, 2007

Australian blind woman tells press about public misconceptions

Ms Kelly, a mother of nine, has stopped going out with her friends to pubs and night spots because her disability leads to misunderstandings so frequently. Pub owners assume she is drunk when they see her running into things or being assisted by friends who hold her arm. Rather than ask her questions, she is asked to leave.

`They need to check and make sure before assuming people are drunk,'' she said.

``Your eyes may be funny or you may be running into things and laughing with friends, but it doesn't mean you are drunk. It is the other `d` word _ disabled.''

The article also mentions that a 39 year old man who suffers muscular dystrophy goes through the same thing and told the press he is used to being asked to leave pubs and clubs in Darwin.

Via Northern Territory News

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goldchair said...

This has happened to me a few times. I was out in a bar two weeks ago with a friend and it was very dark in there. When I rolled my wheelchair to the men's room I accidentally hit the back of a bar stool. The customer complained and I was thrown out on the basis of being drunk. But I was only drinking club soda all night. No matter what I said the bartender kept saying that I was drunk and unreasonable.