Thursday, April 26, 2007

I love this logo

The Disabled Rights Action Committee in Utah, partially sponsored by the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, works toward improving all kinds of conditions for people with disabilities. Right now they've filed a housing lawsuit to get better access.

But there's a really interesting story behind their logo. Years ago when the group tried to get lifts on buses for access to transportation, a "crawl on", where members got off and on buses by crawling - failed to get the attention of the powers that be.

"The next week, about thirty-five people with disabilities went to Main Street and 1st South and stopped every bus in the system by placing their wheelchairs in front of the busses. New fliers were distributed, complete with a skeleton with thumb out, announced: “I’ve been waiting nine years for the bus. How about a lift?"

The buses with lifts were ordered.

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