Sunday, March 11, 2007

License to blog?

In the Opinion section of the NY Times, I saw this letter referring to an ongoing debate about setting up standards for bloggers. There is some concern, apparently, about the accuracy or inaccuracy of what bloggers are writing since they act as a gateway for "uninformed" busy readers (not my language - I don't consider my readers generally uninformed).

However, if a reader is uninformed, I also don't consider myself responsible for that. It's an interesting argument but one I don't agree with. The whole point of blogging is to allow the citizen voice access to media. Restricting that with rules would turn blogging into something else IMHO.

We already have plenty of other media that do that. And, while they're at it, do they want to impose rules on podcasts too?

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Adoro te Devote said...

If they're going to impose rules on bloggers, then I expect there to be a much higher standard for the professional media as well. After all, we've all seen the ridiculous misinterpretations of Catholicism.

Are they willing to condemn the professional media to the degree they deserve as well? Most of them are completely uninformed.