Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sports stuff

At least the Yankees didn't buy Cliff Lee.

I was one of the fans hoping to see Cliff Lee play in Philadelphia at least another year. Unfortunately, it looks like his trade deal is a done deal. My Phillies fan deep throat connection tells me either Lee or his agent decided the Phillies couldn't pay him what he wanted after next year, so they traded to get good prospects rather than lose everything if Lee walked. OTOH Halliday wants to be in Philly and he suppposedly signed a four year extension at less than "sabathia money" and some say he is a better pitcher than Lee, although we would have been unbeatable with both in the lineup. My Phillies fan connection is also not happy about giving up Drabek and Taylor, but can't wait to hear the final names of the prospects.

The Lady Vols women's basketball team is now 8-0, playing Louisville tonight at home, and have moved up to number 3 in the rankings. They just beat Rutgers in Madison Square Garden Sunday night, a game I would have loved to get to, but the logistics of going was too expensive.

Meanwhile, Lady Vol Amber Gray, pictured below, is still rehabbing from a brain aneurysm. Amber has spent the fall semester cheering from the bench for the team during games and working hard on her physical rehab during practice and is preparing to start classes in January.

She won't travel with the team during the week so she can concentrate on her classes. But Amber knows she can make a positive contribution.

"I'm viewing the game a lot differently because I'm not anxious to get in there because I know I'm not going to play," said Gray. "I'm able to help, especially the freshmen, on doing the things that they need to do and get done."

Gray is expected to play basketball in the future, but nothing is guaranteed.

"That is the goal at this point in time," said Moshak. "I think it's too early to completely predict that. We're working towards that. That's what's motivating her. We're definitely not taking it off the table, but there are no guarantees at this point either."


And that's true in sports- no guarantees. But it's great to see this young lady's work ethic and I bet she'll continue to make positive contributions in the future.

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